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Disposable, 11 inch, round, plate, 1 chamber
Kishar Plastic Disposable Rectangular Pet Hinged Container
250ml Hinged Container115x130x32
Kishar Glass Bottle
100% Food-grade Glass
The Kishar Glass Water Bottle Set is made of 100% food-grade glass that is devoid of dangerous compounds like lead and cadmium. Because of the high gauge material and weight of 383.5 grammes, these bottles are durable.

Thermal Shocks and Stain Resistant
Kishar Glass Water Bottles have been tested in labs against thermal shocks and stains and may be used to store both hot and cold beverages due to its ability to withstand severe temperatures. As a result, they may be used in both the microwave and the freezer.

For Storing All Beverages
Each of the four bottles in the Kishar Glass Water Bottle Set has a standard storage capacity of 1 litre and fits easily on your refrigerator's bottle rack. These bottles are great for storing water, juice, milk, and other hot and cold liquid beverages.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
These spherical, clear bottles have a length of 26.5 cm, a width of 8.6 cm, and a neck diameter of 4.4 cm, allowing you to easily fill and pour the beverage. The bottle's snug-fitting tin screw top can be simply tightened and removed, allowing you to wash the bottles effortlessly.
Kishar Disposable 11 INCH 4CP Round Plate
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: You can dispose of our products either in a commercial composting facility or simply in your backyard. Either way, it will break up naturally.

NATURAL: This product has no plastic or wax lining, are microwavable and freezable. They can be used for both hot and cold items.

EAT WITH PURPOSE: When you serve foods in compostable plates made of crop fibers, you are assured of using a natural.

Occasion: - These sturdy disposable plates are perfect for any occasion. . Their undyed appearance complements birthday parties, picnics, pujas, special events or just everyday household use.
Disposable, 11 inch, round, plate, 1 chamber
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